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Unni Mukundan is set to play the lead role in the upcoming film ‘November 9,’ backed by producers Shareef Muhammed and Abdul Gadhaf, operating under the banner of Cubes Entertainments. The film, both written and directed by Pradeep M Nair, delves into the realm of contemporary Indian politics, weaving a gripping procedural drama.

‘November 9′ seeks to unravel the enduring impact of bureaucratic red tape on individuals’ lives, influencing them from birth and even after, through their journey in the complex web of modern Indian politics. The announcement of this thought-provoking project arrived alongside a motion poster designed to capture the audience’s attention with its politically charged imagery.

The motion poster’s narrative unfolds as government red tape traverses across multiple dimensions, eventually forming an unborn child who ultimately descends onto the centre of the Indian map. The form of the unborn child undergoes a transformation, morphing into the numeral nine, while ‘November’ is displayed above. In the background, you can also discern an image depicting the demolition of the Babri Masjid. While ‘November 9’ delves into political themes, its makers emphasise their commitment to a narrative that transcends religious boundaries, focusing on universal humanity rather than serving solely as a commentary on a specific political event.

Movie Genre:

Political, Drama


Shareef Muhammed
Abdhul Gadhaf


Pradeep M Nair


Pradeep M Nair




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